Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Are you a wit supremacist?

Wit supremacists normally take the privileges of their status for granted. Recognizing the unearned benefits one enjoys due to wit privilege is the first step to recovery. The following list of statements will help readers to determine whether or not they are, indeed, wit supremacists.
It doesn't take a doctor to figure
out if you have wit privilege.
  • I prefer to associate with people who tell good jokes and who laugh at my jokes.
  • I avoid associating with people who aren’t funny.
  • I enjoy my ability to find something to laugh at on TV at any time.
  • I’m confident in my ability to get people’s attention by telling a joke or two.
  • I enjoy making fun of people who don’t understand a joke.
  • When I go to a multiplex cinema, I can always find at least one good comedy to watch.
  • I can tell in a matter of seconds whether a new acquaintance is going to be funny.
  • I try to protect my children from encounters with the witless.
  • If a traffic cop pulls me over, I’m confident in my ability to develop a friendly rapport by telling a joke.
  • I can easily find humorous greeting cards whenever I want to.
  • I routinely win arguments with the witless simply by being humorous.
  • I feel no need to read serious literature, engage in serious conversations, or watch serious programming on TV.
  • My sense of humor was a key factor in getting a job or a promotion.
  • I can always get off the hook for being late to a meeting by telling a joke.
  • I feel comfortable in most settings because people like the way I tell jokes.

If you identify with two or more of these statements, there’s a strong possibility that you are a wit supremacist.

Wit Privilege and America's War on the Witless
An article of mine in The American Thinker
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