Thursday, February 1, 2018

When love goes wrong. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Did you know that Valentine’s day was rooted in a festival called Lupercalia in pagan Rome? It involved abusing women and engaging in some sort of sexual lottery. I guess that sounds romantic to some people. 

And how did the image of a naked baby flying around and shooting arrows at people become a symbol of love? That's more like a scene out of a horror movie.

Years ago, I told my wife that because of the pagan roots, I preferred not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The next year, after I moved back into the house, I brought her some flowers. Go along to get along, right?

Valentine’s Day Trivia

When sugar and candy were rationed during World War II, flowers became the preeminent gift for Valentine’s Day. 

Americans spend about $13 billion annually to celebrate Valentine's Day.

About 145 million valentine cards are purchased annually. Women purchase 80%of all greeting cards.

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