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I don't always wear rose
colored glasses,but when I
do, I prefer Dos Lenses.
Danny Murphy is a writer and humorist from Jacksonville, FL. He’s also the author of several humorous books on Kindle as well as some fiction and inspiration.

Humor 101: How to tell jokes for power, prestige, profit, and personal fulfillment

Humor 101 is a self-study course for people who want to tell jokes effectively.
  • You may be a public speaker seeking to improve your Likeability Quotient (LQ) during your opening.
  • You may be a manager or business owner who occasionally has to make a presentation.
  • You may have dreamed of being a standup comedian, like most people, but never found a way to work it out.

Or you may just want to get better at telling jokes because you know there’s something very funny deep inside you that’s going to die a tragic death if you don’t figure out how to set it free. Revised in 2014, Humor 101 will help.

The Narcissus Code: Coming soon to a device near you

Jonah Redthorn is a freelance writer and photographer who produces puff articles for magazines. It’s not the career he envisioned. In college, he aspired to become a hard-hitting investigative journalist. Holistic Health Magazine sends him to cover the release of Narcissus, a new app developed by Dr. Adam Arturo Nova.

Nova is the visionary author of Ultimate Self and Nurture Your Inner Narcissist, two bestsellers in self-help. Nova plans to use churches as part of his distribution network. L.A.megachurches like Colossal Community Church, The Fabulous Fellowship, and Enormous Empire Network are ideal. He makes them an offer that’s hard to refuse.|

After Nova hires Christine White, Jonah’s sweet girlfriend, Narcissus turns her into an online temptress. Redthorn digs deeper. Scratching the shiny surface of Narcissus, he discovers that darkness lurks beneath. Zeke Thomas, retired rodeo star and the pastor of Sunset Destiny Church, was a protégé of Nova’s. He wants the world to learn the truth about Narcissus.

Lucy Furman, Nova’s alluring assistant, would prefer to prevent that. Can Christine be rescued? Will Pastor Zeke live long enough to tell his story? Can Dr. Nova and Narcissus be stopped? Will Jonah Redthorn answer the call and step up to bring the truth to light?

Facebook Anonymous: A Tale of Addiction

Candace Crush started out as a casual Facebook user. It wasn’t long before she became a full-blown addict. “I craved the likes. Then I needed the likes. Then I couldn’t get enough of the likes.”

What she didn’t realize was that the likes were triggering releases of dopamine in her brain. “I posted more and more pictures. However, no matter how many people liked a picture, it was never enough. I wanted the same high that I felt the first time one of my photos went viral. The harder I tried to get that buzz, the further away it seemed to be.”

Facebook Anonymous is the comical, and occasionally harrowing, story of one young woman’s descent into Facebook addiction. Candace Crush is on the verge of losing her job and her family. She stays logged in even while driving. After plowing into a salon at a strip mall, she is still in denial that she has a problem.

It’s her third offense for texting while driving, making her a habitual offender. Judge Killjoy gives her a difficult choice. Candace Crush can either lose her driver’s license or go to Facebook Anonymous.

Amazon’s Danny Murphy Page.

Danny has written hundreds of articles that have been published in periodicals including The Florida Times-Union,  The American Thinker, The Door Magazine, National Business Employment Weekly, and many more.

Danny currently blogs for a performing arts center, a chiropractor, and a few other clients. If you need original humorous content for your blog, website, newsletter, annual report, or other literature, Danny can help. To see what Danny can do for you and your organization, send him an email.


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