Monday, January 4, 2016

Prepare Your Mind for Success

A recent outing to Brown's Creek.

Do you see the future as a time when good things might happen, or as a time when good things will happen? 

Preparation is one of the keys to a successful fishing trip. A fisherman needs to check many things before setting out. 

Gear, bait, and license. You need to make sure everything works, and that you have hooks and a knife and the right bait. 

Weather and up to date fishing reports. It’s good to be aware of the tides, what species are hitting and where, etc. 

Knowledge of fishing regulations. There are lots of rules. Keep the wrong fish and you could end up with a big fine.

When I was getting ready for a recent outing, my wife suggested that I bring some ice to cool whatever I caught. I told her that I could get ice at the pier if I caught something.

Her attitude and mine were subtly different. She was thinking I would catch something and I was thinking I might catch something. I decided to pack some ice. 

Have you laid the necessary groundwork to succeed? Are you mentally prepared for success? What will it take to make the shift in your thinking?

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