Sunday, April 3, 2016

Danny’s Drone Busters

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A homeowner in Edmond, Oklahoma, recently shot down a drone that had entered the airspace over his property. Homeowners all over the country are seeing drones in their airspace with increasing frequency. It’s frightening and it made me think about what I would do if I spotted a drone in the airspace over the sovereign state of Murfopia.

I’ve spent too much of my life building my castle to allow anyone to enter my airspace without first negotiating a treaty. However, the fact is that although I’ve put up fences to defend against any ground attack, I’m not prepared to deal with threats from the sky.

That’s why I’m developing a new product: Danny’s Drone Busters. Drone Busters will be like personal rocket launchers equipped with tiny ground-to-air heat-seeking missiles. Drones entering my airspace will do so at their own peril. But this issue is much bigger than my backyard and the airspace over Murfopia. The market potential for Danny’s Drone Busters is simply tremendous.

The prototype is scheduled for testing on July 4th, 2016. I’m initiating a Kickstarter campaign for investors who want to get in on the ground floor while this exciting product is still in its infancy. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to invest in a consumer product that millions of upscale homeowners will want, your wait is over.

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