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Danny Murphy is a writer, editor, and humorist from Jacksonville, FL. He’s also the author of several humorous books on Kindle as well as some fiction and inspiration.

Humor 101: How to tell jokes for power, prestige, profit, and personal fulfillment
Humor 101 is a self-study course for people who want to tell jokes effectively.

The Narcissus Code: Coming soon to a device near youJonah Redthorn is a freelance writer and photographer who produces puff articles for magazines. It’s not the career he envisioned. In college, he aspired to become a hard-hitting investigative journalist. Holistic Health Magazine sends him to cover the release of Narcissus, a new app developed by Dr. Adam Arturo Nova.

Facebook Anonymous: A Tale of Addiction.  Candace Crush started out as a casual Facebook user. It wasn’t long before she became a full-blown addict. “I craved the likes. Then I needed the likes. Then I couldn’t get enough of the likes.” What she didn’t realize was that the likes were triggering releases of dopamine in her brain. 
Facebook Anonymous is the comical, and occasionally harrowing, story of one young woman’s descent into Facebook addiction. 

Amazon’s Danny Murphy Page. Danny has written hundreds of articles that have been published in periodicals including The Florida Times-Union,  The American Thinker, The Door Magazine, National Business Employment Weekly, and many more.

If you need original content for your blog, website, newsletter, annual report, or other literature, Danny can help. To see what Danny can do for you, send a message via the contact form in the right column. 

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